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What a Show!

The Middletown Heritage Festival Parade kicks off the Festival, with Randy Sowers as the Grand Marshal for our 29th annual parade. The Frederick County Honor Guard leads the parade down Main Street to Elm Street. With its dance groups, floats, marching bands and a variety of community organizations, the parade is always a highlight of the day.Photo_Parade3

Randy began farming in the early 1980’s with his wife Karen and they have since built a dairy processing plant that produces farm fresh and all-natural products for over 8,500 customers in DC, MD, VA, and PA. Glass bottled milk, Certified Humane eggs, and more can be delivered to your doorstep, thanks to Randy’s hard work! Randy and Karen wake up every morning at 1:30am to milk a herd of over 200 cows and work tirelessly throughout the day. Randy’s goal is to become one of the top agricultural educators in the state of Maryland and is actively involved in the Middletown community. His famous tagline marks almost all delivery trucks, “If you want your milk straight from the cow, you have to call South Mountain Creamery.” Learn more at and is a mother of two sons and grandmother to five.